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Pray for Iraqi Christians

If you have been following the international news over the past few weeks, you may have seen how our Christian brothers and sisters in Iraq are suffering terribly at the hands of the terrorist group ISIS. Men, women, and children are being murdered mercilessly by this group. I've included a video and some sources that you can use to keep up with this current situation and other persecuted groups too. At Only By Prayer, we'd like to request that you intercede for the Iraqi Christians. We need … [Read More...]

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Boost Your Faith and Your Fitness in Seven Weeks

Sign Up Today! Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. 3 John: 2 Have you ever wanted to step out in faith for a work you felt God was calling you to do yet felt that something was holding you back? It can be frustrating trying to figure out what you're missing. Over the years Mary and I have discovered a few things that it takes to be an effective worker for God’s kingdom. … [Read More...]

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Daily BIble Studies

Scripturegraphic Humble: Who’s the Boss?

Sometimes it can be hard to tell who’s supposed to be the boss. God’s Word tells us to humble ourselves one to another. Being humble is very difficult, but God will bless us when we submit to His perfect plan. To learn how to humble yourself before the Lord, please click on the link below. […]

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Take 5!

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Take 5! I Am Because He Is

Have you ever wondered if God would use a person like you to help spread His Gospel? The answer is yes! To do the Take 5! Bible study, I Am Because He Is! please click on the link.             “Image courtesy of photostock/

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Pray Specifically

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Pray Specifically: The Fast He Has Chosen by Mary Kane

Many Christian people are fearful of fasting. I used to be too. I was afraid that I would do something wrong and offend God. I also thought that fasting would make me weak. In contrast, fasting actually strengthens and reinforces the faith of believers, putting them on the fast track to spiritual growth. There is […]

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How To Pray Podcast: Praying God’s Word

Welcome to our first podcast in the How To Pray series. Today we discuss the topic of how to go about praying God’s word. Jane VanOsdol and Mary Kane discuss several ideas that will help you to develop the powerful habit of incorporating God’s word into your daily prayers. Whether you’ve tried this before or you’re […]

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Walking in Truth, Podcast #3: Created for Him!

Thank you for joining us in our Colossians series. Today Mary Kane and I (Jane VanOsdol) will be discussing Colossians 1:13-17. This session finds us exploring how we were each created for God.We also learn that God is involved in every facet of our lives. For such a small book of the Bible, Colossians is […]

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