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Safe in the Tunnel

Mark and I were cycling recently on a muggy, Sunday afternoon. I couldn’t wait to enter the shade of a tunnel just ahead of us. We rode into the cool, dim passageway, and I could barely see a little boy of about 6 racing toward us on his bike from the other end, his dad just a little behind him. “Daddy, I love youuuuuuuu!” he yelled, delighting in the echo his voice made as it bounced off the walls. “And I love you, bud!” his dad yelled back. “You’re the best dad EVERRRR!” the boy shouted … [Read More...]

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Free One-Week Workout! by Mary Kane

Don't have time for a nine-week Bible study this summer? Join us for One-Week Workout! a free seven-day Bible study and fitness activities designed to challenge you spiritually and physically! Starting July 19th, log on to Only by Prayer , click on the One-Week Workout! post, do the provided Bible study work and a workout on the post page, or an exercise routine of your own. You are on your way to greater physical and spiritual health. If you missed the start date you may easily join in at any … [Read More...]

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Daily BIble Studies

One Week Day 7 Header

One-Week Workout! Book of James: Day 7

Welcome to Day Seven of One-Week Workout! Good job–you made it to the last day! Jane and I are praying for you to continue to grow stronger spiritually and physically and to reap a harvest from your work this week. In September we are offering a six-week version of Faith & Fit with a weekly online […]

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Take 5!

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Take 5! I Am Because He Is

Have you ever wondered if God would use a person like you to help spread His Gospel? The answer is yes! To do the Take 5! Bible study, I Am Because He Is! please click on the link.             “Image courtesy of photostock/

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Pray Specifically


P.S.~ Pray Specifically: Walk With God by Mary Kane

“Come follow Me.” Jesus calls all of His disciples (you and me included) to come and walk with Him. Walking with Jesus does not come naturally to us, we need to pray for God to help us follow in His footsteps. In order to Pray Specifically to follow Jesus, please click on the link. Pray […]

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Goals List3

2014 Goals Podcast: One Word

Listen in as Mary Kane and Jane VanOsdol of discuss a simple way to set goals for 2014. The book One Word That Will Change Your Life by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page is transforming their goal-setting plans for 2014. Whether you are a seasoned goal setter or you repeatedly fail at […]

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Walking in Truth, Podcast #3: Created for Him!

Thank you for joining us in our Colossians series. Today Mary Kane and I (Jane VanOsdol) will be discussing Colossians 1:13-17. This session finds us exploring how we were each created for God.We also learn that God is involved in every facet of our lives. For such a small book of the Bible, Colossians is […]

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