To Do-ers List: Trust God

To doersDay 7

To Do-ers List: Trust God

5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding;
6 In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.
Proverbs 3:5

Whom do you trust?

When I was little, my sister, Carol and I used to play a game called Trust. To play Trust, two people stand one behind the other, both facing the same direction. The person behind (the catcher), puts out her arms and says fall. The person in front (the faller) closes her eyes, stiffens her body and falls straight back into the arms of the catcher. The catcher of course catches the faller, thus building a relationship of trust.  Fall and catch again. Perhaps, you are wondering why we bothered to play such a predictable tedious game.
It gets better.
After completing round one, the catcher takes a step back and the process repeats.
After a while the game gets a little dicey … will she catch me?
The stakes get higher … will I hit the floor?
At some point in time a smart faller calls it quits.  After all, you are only as safe as the one who is catching you.
(Uhh … one time I did drop my sister. It wasn’t my fault … my mother called me.)

In the game of life, God calls us to trust Him.

He is standing right behind us saying fall.
You lose your job … God says fall.
You receive news from the doctor … God says fall.
Your husband is transferred … fall.
Your marriage becomes stormy … fall.
Your child drops out of college … fall.
God is omnipresent. Because He is everywhere, at every time, all at once, He is always able catch you. It may seem He is stepping back, but He is never any closer to you at one moment than any other. Fall into His will concerning your new job, your move, your transfer, your sickness, your debt, your marriage, your singleness.  You are as safe as the One who is catching you. Trust God.

Trust God with all your heart.

Read today’s verse again … with all your heart. Not part, but all. How well would you function with part of your heart, say only the right ventricle? Yet so many people try to. I know I have. I can trust God with my job, but my children?

trust God Day 7 A

Trusting God with part of your heart will leave you with a heart condition. Not healthy. You may sustain life, but you will never be able to run, soar, and live the abundant life with part of your heart. You will limp along in the shadows, living a half-hearted life. Trust God with all of it. He wants it all, every corner of your heart: relationships, career, school, friends, children, family, love, hate, hurt, blessing. He says fall and you let go. He’ll ask you to trust Him with more of your heart, bit by bit, until you finally trust God with all of your heart. Trust God.

A little warning.

Trusting God will not always make sense. Some people will think you’re crazy. Others will TELL you you’re crazy. You may lose friends over it. I have experienced all three. Trust God anyway. My greatest victories have come when I have listened to God and trusted Him, despite the voices of others.

Remember, God will never call you to do any thing which contradicts His Word.

For Today:

Take a moment and pray. Ask God to show you what areas or situations of your life you need to entrust to Him. Don’t hold back. If He wants you to speak, do it with all your heart. If He wants you to pray, do it with all your heart. If He wants you to reach out in a new way, trust God and do it with all your heart.

Use the To-Doers List Study Guide or a journaling app to plan and journal  your day.

Note: the To Do-ers List Study Guide will greatly enhance your time with God.

For ideas on how to trust God, please check the resources below.

  • How Trusting God Can Transform Your Life by Joyce Meyer

Please take a moment to pray and ask God for His strength to do good to everyone you meet today (and the people you live with). Don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section below. Have a blessed day!

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