12 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 11, Boldness

Day 11: Boldness

“But even after we had suffered before and were spitefully treated at Philippi, as you know, we were bold in our God to speak to you the gospel of God in much conflict.” 1 Thessalonians 2:2

Boldness  [bohld] adjective


1. not hesitating or fearful in the face of actual or possible danger or rebuff; courageous and daring: a bold hero.
2. not hesitating to break the rules of propriety; forward; impudent:
3. necessitating courage and daring; challenging: a bold adventure.
I am often confused as to why people associate Christianity with weakness and timidity. The International Society for Human Rights estimates 7,000 to 8,000 Christians are martyred each year.  It takes great boldness to swim against the tidesof culture and be what God has created us to be — born-again believers. Thankfully, God did not save us then leave us to fend for ourselves in a world that is not our home. He did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, sound mind, and love. Because of the gift of His  power, we may live with great boldness, despising persecution and oppression. Read our focus verse for today again. What is the result of suffering? Boldness.

This Thanksgiving, let’s give thanks  to God for His gift of boldness.

Boldness with Our Gifts: Dearest Father, we thank You for the blessing of boldness. Gifts are meant to be used; not relegated to  a shelf  to collect dust. Help us to claim Your gift  as our own, and boldly use it to make disciples, edify other believers, and bring You great glory. Give us  discernment to know when You’re calling us to boldly leap by faith and witness for the Gospel. We pray in Jesus’ Holy Name, Amen.

Boldness with our Words: Dear Lord, thank You for entrusting us with the Gospel. Help us to faithfully fulfill this amazing privilege. We do not have to worry about what to say because You have given us the words in Your Word. We may boldly proclaim the truth, sowing seeds of salvation in every relationship, situation, and experience we encounter. Help us to boldly speak and trust You for the outcome. Thank You we don’t have to feel bold to be bold. Amen.

More Boldness

Worship with Abandon a blog post by Jane VanOsdol


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12 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 10, The Gospel

Day 10: The Gospel

“The Spirit of the LORD is upon Me, because He has anointed Me
to preach the gospel to the poor: He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, To set at liberty those who are oppressed; 19 To proclaim the acceptable year  of the LORD.”

Gospel [gos-puh l] noun

1. the teachings of Jesus and the apostles; the Christian revelation.
2. the story of Christ’s life and teachings, especially as contained in the first four books of the New Testament, namely Matthew,
     Mark, Luke, and John.
3. (usually initial capital letter) any of these four books.
4. something regarded as true and implicitly believed:
5. a doctrine regarded as of prime importance:
6. glad tidings, especially concerning salvation and the kingdom of God as announced to the world by Christ.
Many people believe the truth of the Gospel pertains to a moment of decision; when  Jesus is accepted as Savior.  While the life- giving words of the Gospel are the key to salvation, they also unlock the plan for daily life. As Christians we have the privilege of speaking the Gospel into our everyday trials and tribulations and our greatest challenges and hardships. Let the truth of the Gospel transform your life from day one until Jesus calls you home.

Give Thanks for the Gospel

 I am so thankful that the Gospel is our hope for eternity and for the everyday. What are some ways you can let the Gospel transform your daily life? Perhaps we can try one of the following suggestions this week.
  1. To offer tangible help to the brokenhearted. We can be the hands and feet of Jesus by taking a meal to a grief-stricken person, offering time to listen, sending a card, or calling.
  2. Pray for those caught in sin or addictions. While we cannot force people to give up drugs or alcohol, we can fervently pray that they will be convicted of their sin and see their need to be set free.
  3. Volunteer our time. Many churches and ministries need help with their programs. Consider serving in a food pantry, volunteering at a pro-life clinic, teaching a Sunday school class, or working at a homeless shelter.

More Gospel

 1 Thessalonians A Life of Faith, Part 3: The Gospel a Bible study by Mary Kane

Knowing Who I am in Christ an article by Joyce Meyer


Please leave a comment below in the Comment section on what God teaches you today about gospel.

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By Mary Kay Kane

copyright 2017. all rights reserved

12 Days of Thanksgiving 2017: Day 5, Restoration

Day 5: Restoration

Return to the stronghold, you prisoners of hope, even today I declare, that I will restore double to you.” Zechariah 9: 12

Restoration: [res-tuhrey-shuh n] noun

  1. a putting back into a former position, dignity, etc.
  2. something that is restored, as by renovating.
  3. the act of restoring; renewal, revival, or reestablishment. the replacement or giving back of something lost, stolen, etc.

The Garden of Eden. A place of joy,  fellowship, righteousness and purity. Man gave away the blessing of Eden by believing a lie of Satan. God waits to restore His blessing to man when he believes the truth of the Gospel. The Enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy. But God comes to replace, renew, revive, rebuild, re-purpose, recycle and restore. But wait- not just restore, check the verse above–restore double. The Hebrew  word for restoration is shuwb, which means to return, to go back, to turn away from sin, to turn back to God. Restoration only comes through God and the power of His Word. According to the definition, our responsibility is to turn from sin, and turn to God. Speak His Word into your broken places, and let the restoration begin.

Pray For Restoration

Restoration for Relationships: Dearest Father, because of our sin, we have many broken, damaged relationships. First and foremost is our relationship with You. Thank You that by accepting Jesus’ death on the cross, our relationship with You is restored. We pray for Your healing in strained relationships with our spouses,  parents, friends, coworkers, in-laws and siblings. Your specialty, Lord, is bringing dead things to life. Please restore our relationships. We give thanks for Your goodness and healing. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Restoration for Hearts: Father, we give thanks that You provide restoration for broken hearts. Our hearts have been shattered because of our choices, the choices of others, sickness, death, and job loss. Your Word promises that You use ALL things for our good. Please restore our hearts to health so they will beat only for You. We thank You, Father. Amen.

Restoration for Minds: Heavenly Father, we thank You for healing of our minds. Help us to think correctly so we may act correctly. Our minds have been influenced and damaged by lies we have been exposed to by the Enemy and by our own choices. Please restore our minds so we will love You with all our hearts, souls and minds. Thank You that You have given us  sound minds. May the words of our mouths and the meditations of our minds be pleasing in Your sight, oh God, our Rock and our Redeemer.

It is God’s will that you be restored in every area of your life. Go boldly forth to the throne of grace and ask God got the restoration that was provided for you at the cross 2000 years ago.

More Restoration

Prayer of Restoration a specific prayer by Mary Kane

Scriptures for a Sound Mind an article by Joyce Meyer

My Peace I Give You Part 2   a blog post by Jane Vanosdol


Please leave a comment below in the Comment section on what God teaches you today about restoration.


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Hebrew definition taken form:

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by Mary Kay Kane

all rights reserved. copyright 2017

Simple Thanks: Session Two: Grace in the Moment

“Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations. I will be exalted among the earth.” Psalm 46:10

Jane and I wSImple Thanks Graceelcome you to Week Two of  Simple Thanks! We pray that you are learning to establish a new habit of thanksgiving in your heart. Continue to look for God’s blessing in the simple and to offer Him praise in the hard. God is calling you to live fully in the moment. Life is a gift–rejoice and give thanks.

Introductory Video for Week 2


Here is Week 2 Community Call if you missed the live session:

Weekly HomeworkSImple Thanks Grace photo

We pray that you are able to keep up with your weekly homework. If you have fallen a little behind, don’t worry. Just continue on with Week Two. Feel free to change from Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3  as your schedule allows! Remember, there is no pressure to complete every activity. These are just options for your growth. They can be accessed at any time, even after the study ends.

Level 1, Study: Weekly Goals 

  • For Week 2, watch  SESSION 2:Grace in the Moment.
  • Take time to notice and thank God for His simple gifts in all things.
  • Complete the study guide  and between sessions homework PDFs.
  • Add to your 1000 Gifts List.
  • Feel free to do any of the other activities from Levels 2 and 3 as your time allows.

Level 2, Community: Weekly Goals 

  • For Week 2, watch  SESSION 2:Grace in the Moment.
  • Take time to notice and thank God for His simple gifts in all things.
  • Complete the study guide  and between sessions homework PDFs.
  • Add your 1000 Gifts List.
  • Answer the question on the Speak Your Mind comment section at the bottom of this post.
  • Join the Community Call, Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. EST on Talk Shoe (Information on TalkShoe is in your weekly email.)
  • Listen to the Podcast for information on walking in the grace of God:


Worthy of the Lord:




 Level 3, Opportunity: Weekly Goals 

  •  For Week 2, watch  SESSION 2:Grace in the Moment.
  • Take time to notice and thank God for His simple gifts in all things.
  • Complete the study guide  and between sessions homework PDFs.
  • Answer the question on the Speak Your Mind comment section at the bottom of this post, join the Community Call on Wednesday night on TalkShoe, and listen to the Podcast at the link provided up above.
  • Don’t forget to check out our private Facebook page. Leave your comments about this week’s study, post your prayer requests, or share any insights/questions you may have. Only members of our Bible study group will see these posts.
  • Continue your 1000 Gifts List.
  • In the evening, do devotions 6-10 in the One Thousand Gifts Devotional journal.
  • Read chapters 4-5 in One Thousand Gifts trade book by Ann Voskamp.
  • Take advantage of the Extra Simple resources by clicking on the links below:

ID-100149601  Grace and Peace



ID-10057612[1]      Bitterness to Forgiveness

Image courtesy of domdeen / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Please enjoy the following simple song. While you are listening please take time to thank God for all His simple gifts.

Questions of the Week (Please respond in the Speak Your Mind section at the very bottom of this page).

How does giving thanks help you to focus on the present?

Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Simple Thanks Online Bible Study

SImple Thanks site photo photo

Imagine doing your Bible study with your small group without ever having to leave the comfort of  your home, dorm room — or back deck. If this sounds like your kind of study, we would love for you to join our online Bible study. Just in time for Thanksgiving, this  five-week online Bible study starts on Wednesday, November 6. We will be using Ann Voskamp’s heartfelt, One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are.

This Bible study will:

  • dare you to live fully right where you are
  • challenge you to count your blessings no matter your circumstances
  • help you to develop a habit of thanksgiving and praise
  • encourage you to experience the constant presence of God in everyday life

Order Your Materials

In order to participate in the study you must 1) order the DVDs (the first link below) OR the instant video downloads (second link) and 2) sign up through the registration link at the bottom of this post (registration is only $5). We will email you a weekly PDF containing your viewer guides and between sessions homework.

To deepen your study experience,  you may also order the following optional resources:

  • One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are trade book ( the third or fourth link).
  • One Thousand Gifts  Devotional Journal (fifth link).

We’ve included  links to the CBD online bookstore if your prefer to purchase your materials that way. CBD has the best price for the videos, MP3, trade book, and optional devotional book. Or you can purchase through your local bookstore.

ORDER LINKS for Christian Book Distributors:

Choose between the DVD, which will be shipped to you, or the instant download videos. Do not purchase both. (The five-session bundle is the instant video downloads)

684398: One Thousand Gifts: A DVD Study: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are One Thousand Gifts: A DVD Study: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You AreBy Ann Voskamp / ZondervanWhat does the Christ-life look like when your days are gritty, long, and even dark? Based on Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts, she reveals the discovery that will open your eyes to ordinary, amazing grace regardless of your circumstances. This five-session, video-based study will help you learn, practice, and begin to live out the secrets of a joyful heart. Approx. 111 total minutes. Study guide sold separately.
559792: One Thousand Gifts: All Five Sessions Bundle [Video Download] One Thousand Gifts: All Five Sessions Bundle [Video Download]By Ann Voskamp / Zondervan

If you wish to order the trade book, please choose one of the following:

321910: One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You AreBy Ann Voskamp / ZondervanDiscover a way of seeing that opens your eyes to everyday amazing grace, a way of living that is fully alive, and a way of experiencing the constant presence of God that will bring you deep and lasting joy. There is purity in simplicity and a breathtaking beauty that can be found even in life’s slightest details. Ann Voskamp welcomes you in to explore her grace-bathed life of farming, parenting and writing and encourages you to draw nearer to Him and experience your own life in a deeper way, no matter where you are. Renew your appreciation for the beauty that permeates all creation with the wisdom-soaked pages of this Christian Living treasure.
3101EB: One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are - eBook One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are – eBookBy Ann Voskamp / Zondervan

Finally, if you wish to participate in daily journaling, please order the following (I highly recommend the devotional!):

315445: One Thousand Gifts Devotional Journal One Thousand Gifts Devotional JournalBy Ann Voskamp / ZondervanRenew your appreciation for the breathtaking beauty that surrounds us in life’s simplest details. Encouraging you to ruminate even deeper on the concepts explored in her best-selling book One Thousand Gifts, Voskamp offers 100 wisdom-soaked devotions, complete with Scripture verses, prayers, reflection questions, and space to record your own insights. 208 pages, hardcover from Zondervan.

A Bible Study for All Levels of Maturity

Challenge your faith by choosing one of three levels of involvement.

  • Level 1:  Study. Simply order the DVDs and complete the work in the weekly PDF email.
  • Level 2: Community. Order the DVDs and complete the work in the weekly PDF email, and participate in weekly community conversations (blog/Facebook) and post what you’re learning.
  • Level 3: Opportunity. Order the DVDs, the trade book and the devotional journal.  Each week complete the work in the weekly PDF email and five days in the One Thousand Gifts Devotional Journal, participate in the weekly Community Calls on Talkshoe and read the correlating chapters of the One Thousand Gifts trade book. Please tailor the work to fit your weekly schedule. There is no pressure to complete everything!

In addition, each Wednesday evening from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. EST, Jane and Mary will host an optional call on Talk Shoe that will include a teaching time on that week’s lesson. But remember, you are free to do your work at any time during the week that fits your schedule.SImple-Thanks-Grace-photo

REGISTRATION Sign Up for Giving Thanks Online Bible Study
The cost to participate in the online Bible study (same price for every level) is only $5 (in addition to your book fee that you purchase). If you’d like to join us in this fall’s study of Simple Thanks, please click on the button below. You will both pay and register through this one button. Once you have signed up, you will be emailed a link to confirm your registration. You must click on that link to be put on the list for the Bible study. Each week, for the duration of the study,  you will receive an email that contains the weekly Bible study page password, Community Call information, viewer PDFs and Between Sessions work. Look for your email every Tuesday night.

Thanks so much for your participation. Feel free to invite your friends! Please click on the link below to register and pay. You will be given the option to pay either with Pay Pal or with your credit card. If you don’t have a PayPal account, simply click the option that says “Check Out.” Clicking on that will then open another screen and one of your options will say: “Don’t have a PayPal account?” Click on this option, which will bring up a screen that will let you either pay with a regular credit card or open a PayPal account.Questions or problems with registration? Click on this contact button to email Jane. God bless you and thank you!

Click Below: Simple Thanks Online Bible Study Registration