Sample of Advent Devotional

It’s hard to believe it, but the holiday season is quickly approaching. This year, Advent begins on Sunday, November 27. I’ve been busy updating my Advent devotional, More Than A Baby. Each day’s devotion features the following:

  1. A daily scripture to read and meditate upon.
  2. A picture to reflect upon.
  3. An Advent song to listen to.
  4. A focus thought for the day.
  5. An application for you to incorporate into your life.
  6. A prayer.

You can click here to see a sample page of the 2011 More Than A Baby devotional.

If you’d like to make the Christmas season more meaningful, my devotional will help you prepare your heart for this joyous season.

The updated version will be available for sale on our Web site on November 15. Here is the link to take you to the page. More Than a Baby. (If you click before November 15, you’ll be taken to the sales page for last year’s version).

Let’s approach this Christmas with a heart that’s ready to receive the our Savior by taking a few minutes each morning to study and worship the Lord!

Pray on!