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Welcome to Only By Prayer, where the sacred and the everyday meet! It’s our desire that on these pages you’ll deepen your prayer life with God. Whether you’ve been praying for years or you are wondering what prayer is all about, Mary and I are excited that you’ve stopped by for a while. So, get comfy, maybe grab something to drink and explore our site to learn more about the amazing fact that God actually wants to communicate with us.

Only By Prayer is authored by sisters Jane VanOsdol and Mary Kane. On our pages you’ll find Bible studies, a blog, podcast audios and devotions. Check out some of our products for sale to encourage you in your Christian walk and your prayer life. We also offer a free monthly e-zine called Got Prayer? You can sign up on our mailing list to receive it. Thanks for stopping by!

Prayer holds together the shattered fragments of creation. It makes history possible. Jacques Ellul

NEW!! Only By Prayer announces a new website for kids, “Kids For God”!

Kids For God is committed to helping children follow Christ. This brand new website features pages such as Bible Studies,   Prayer   TID-10057976-1ime and Praise and Worship, all designed with children in mind! Younger children can enjoy the site with Mom and Dad while older kids will be challenged to independently grow their relationship with God. To visit the site, just click on the link!  Kids for God


New! Podcast on My Facts or God’s Truth?

Join us as we discuss how to reconcile what the present facts of our lives may look like when compared to the truth of what God’s word says. What if our feelings don’t line up with what God is saying? What do we trust? Listen in as we face this dilemma: My Facts or God’s Truth.

Are you Looking for Jesus?

Jane and I are happy to announce that our new seminar Looking for Jesus is now available to purchase! If you are longing for a deeper relationship with our Savior, just click on this link for more information!

Looking For Jesus

A Journey Home: Ruth and Her Reedemer

Mary is so excited to announce that after four years of hard work her nine- week bible study on the Book of Ruth is finally available to purchase! If you are in need of redemption or are interested in deepening your walk with the Lord, please click on the link to purchase a copy of A Journey Home:Ruth and Her Redeemer.

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Prayers Around the World: Egypt

It’s especially important to pray for Christians around the world who don’t have the freedom to worship as they choose. This week let’s concentrate our prayers on Egypt. As you probably recently know, President Morsi recently issued a decree that gave him more legislative powers and took away any judicial oversight. Click on this Egypt link for more information.


Father, as we view the political situation in Egypt with our human vision, the plight of Christians there looks bleak. Help us all to see through Your eyes, to see Your hand of protection in their midst. In the midst of bleak, even fearful, circumstances, help believers there to see opportunities to offer compassion and to share Your gospel. We boldly ask You to intervene in the thinking of President Morsi and other leaders to allow greater freedom for all to worship and practice their faith in peace. In the name of Jesus who hears the cry of our hearts, Amen.

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