Take 5!: Perfected by Mary Kane


Please take 5 minutes and go before God in prayer. Confess to Him any sin and ask Him to fill you with His Holy Spirit. Please read 1 Peter 5:6-10.

What does God ask us to do in verse 6?

In the original Greek, the word humble transliterates as tapeinoo, which means “to make low, to bring down one’s pride, to confess one’s spiritual littleness and need for God, to submit one’s self to the power and will of God.”

What is a sign that we have humbled ourselves to God (verse 7)?

When we have truly humbled ourselves before God, peace will result. We will no longer strive and labor to solve our own problems according to our will ( we are perfected by peace). Having cast our cares upon God, we will wait in peace for Him to act on our behalf.

According to verse 8, we are to be ______________ and ______________.

The word sober means to be calm and collected. Vigilant means to be watchful. Once we have cast our cares upon God, it is possible to calmly shift our attention to carefully watch for the attacks of Satan.

How are we to combat the attacks of the evil one (verse 9)?

We are to resist him by standing resolutely by faith; not faith in our faith, but faith in our Savior (we are perfected by faith). One of the best ways to resist Satan is the Word of God. Satan speaks lies, we speak truths.

If we stand fast, steadfast in the faith, what will be the final outcome (verse 10)?


God will use the suffering to perfect us in Christ Jesus. Suffering doesn’t destroy our faith, God uses it to perfect our faith. As we struggle and persevere, we are perfected. To God be the glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.

Thank you for joining me today for Bible study.

By Mary Kane
all rights reserved
copyright 2015