Walking In Truth Podcast #2: Walk Worthy of the Lord

Welcome to podcast #2 in our Walking In Truth series on the book of Colossians. Today Mary and I discuss Colossians 1:9-12. We’ll discover that God wants us to increase our relationship with Him, and that far from being alone, God  is very present with us in all our circumstances of life. We can count on Him to give us the grace and strength we need for each situation we are in and for every work He gives us to do.old canvas shoe By Panpote

Just click on the above arrow to listen. We’ve also included a listener guide for you to fill in as you listen to the podcast to help you glean the most information as possible from this teaching.

We pray you are blessed by this series. Feel free to leave your comments and questions below.

Here is the link to the page for the entire series. I will be updating the page with new recordings over the next few weeks. Walking In Truth

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Walking in Truth Podcast # 1: Supremacy of Christ

Mary Kane and Jane VanOsdol are excited for this new podcast series called Walking in Truth, A Study in the book of Colossians. Let’s learn and laugh together as we explore what it means to grow in our faith. In this first session, Preparing for the Journey, we’ll explore Colossians 1:1-8. We’ll start with a brief background and then jump right into the verses.

Here is a free viewer guide for you to download and print off so that you can follow along with us as we study together.

Viewer Guide

You can listen to the podcast below (see player at the end of this post) or download Only By Prayer from iTunes.

Thanks for joining us !

Jane and Mary



Walking in Truth Podcast Links to User Guides

Here are the links to the User Guides and any additional materials for each session of Walking in Truth, A Study in Colossians.

Session 1  User Guide ,  Preparing for the Journey;

Session 2 User Guide, Walk Worthy of the Lord,

Session 3 User Guide, Created for Him

Session 4 User Guide, Reconciled with God

Session 4 Resource Lectio Divina

Session 5 User Guide, The Work of the Lord

Session 5 Resource: Prayer of Examen

Session 6, Walk in the Lord

Session 6 Resource:  Prayer Strategy

Session 7, You are Complete in Him

Session 8, Alive Together With Christ



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