Walking in Love, Light and Wisdom by Mary Kane

I love to take walks. Early summer mornings are my favorite time to walk. How about you? Do you like to walk in the rain? How about in the snow? God also liked to take walks. He met with Adam in the garden and walked with him.  Like Adam, God calls us to walk  with Him also…in love, light and wisdom. To do the study Walking in Love, Light and Wisdom, please click on the link.

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Pitch a Tent by Mary Kane

For modern day technology-loving Americans, the very word tent can cause tremors of fear and visions of discomfort. When I think of tents my mind conjures images of memorable vacations with family and friends.  While we did not have a lot of privacy while vacationing in a tent, we did have a lot of togetherness.  Togetherness is exactly what God had in mind when He sent his Son to tabernacle (tent) among us. To do the study “Pitch a Tent,” please click on the link!

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