Reflections #21: The Waiting Game

When it was time for Elizabeth’s baby to be born, she gave birth to a son.” Luke 1:57

Elizabeth and Zacharias had waited a lifetime for their son to be born. In fact, they were both past the childbearing years. Elizabeth thought the Lord had denied her the blessing of being a mother. Yet God had big plans for them–they were just in His timing, not hers.

What Kind of Time?

The New King James refers to the mention of time in this verse as full time with the meaning of “being fulfilled.” God knew that their son John the Baptist would be a special child, the prophet of the Most High (Jesus), so John’s birth had to be at just the right time, at the same time as Jesus’ birth. God’s plans can’t be rushed.

When I compare Elizabeth’s story to our lives, to my own life, I empathize with some of her challenges. After all, it feels like we spend much of life waiting for things to happen …

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Short & Sweet: Wait a Minute

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Wait on the LORD; be of good courage,
And He shall strengthen your heart;
Wait, I say, on the LORD!
Psalm 27:14

I must admit it.

I never thought it would happen to me, but it has. I have become one of those impatient people who, in a moment of delay, pulls out her phone to check in, check out or check up on the latest current social media events. Waiting is a lost skill — a discipline of a bygone era. As I recently heard Pete Wilson state in What Keeps You Up At Night, nothing in our society today trains us to wait. Microwaves, instant credit, overnight deliveries, one-click shopping hone our waiting muscles. I need to learn to wait a minute.

I remember the days of lay-away shopping.

My mother would take my sisters and me school clothes shopping in August (back then the first day of school was in September, not early August). We’d pick out a few new outfits and place them on lay away. Then each week my mom would make a payment. Finally in September, after weeks of waiting, we’d bring home our new clothes.

Green stamps and bubble gum wrappers.

S&H Green Stamps premiums, Bazooka Bubble Gum wrapper toys, and cereal proof of purchase box top prizes also required the discipline of waiting. For months we’d gather and save stamps, wrappers and proofs of purchase in order to earn prizes. Most of the fun of earning one of these gizmos was the anticipation of what it would be like when IT finally arrived. Perseverance, delayed gratification, earning something by the sweat of the brow. Lessons well learned.

The benefits of waiting.

The Bible teaches about the benefits of waiting. The verse above lists one benefit — strength. Who doesn’t want or need a stronger heart?

Other benefits of waiting

  1. It strengthens our faith. John 11:15
  2. It helps us gain courage. Psalm 27:14
  3. It brings blessings. Isaiah 30:18
  4. It helps us receive direction and guidance. Proverbs 3:5-6

I also believe waiting helps to establish an attitude of thankfulness and humility in our heart. It helps us to live in the moment instead of wishing our lives away. To live simple. To rejoice when we have. To rejoice when we have not. Learning to wait a minute.

Action Points:

  1. What are you trying to push through that you need to wait on God for?
  2. Are you a habitual rusher? Do your kids constantly ask are we in a hurry again? When was the last time you actually savored something? …a kiss … a piece of chocolate … a good movie … a cozy time with a toddler and a book?
  3. Take a half hour and linger with God in silence today. You won’t believe how He will refresh your soul and strengthen your heart.

Life is sweet when you wait a minute.


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You Are Complete!

Do you have days or months or maybe your life (!) where you feel scattered and fragmented, pulled in 100 different directions?

Perhaps the last thing you feel is complete, like you have life under control.

Well, that’s because in reality, we don’t! But I know someone who does, and He has the perfect promise for us.

I love the verse in Colossians 2: 10 that says ” and you are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power.” What does the word complete mean? In the Greek  pleroo, it means “to make full, to abound, to be liberally supplied, to fill to the top, to carry out some undertaking.” Notice it doesn’t say perfect!

What this means to me is that in the midst of my scattered, fragmented life, Jesus has made me complete for what He is calling me to right now.

Right now I possess everything I need to step out and do what He wants me to do. I don’t have any excuses. Gulp. Maybe like me you’ve heard God calling you to start something, but you’re waiting for someone with far more wisdom and gifts to step up. Maybe you’re waiting until … your kids are grown, you get that degree, you’re in shape or your health is better.

The truth is that if God has put a call on your heart, then He’s waiting for you to get started now. Yes, there are times for waiting and resting and learning, but if you feel that continual nudge to do something, then you need to step out and be obedient. He’s made you complete where you are for what He has you to do, and He will provide for your lack with resources and other people as you’re obedient to Him.

I’m there myself today. I’ve felt a nudge to be involved in an outreach ministry that I’ve kept putting off. I know it’s time. What’s on your heart today? Let’s take that step together.

Pray on!


Take 5!-Wait Seek and Hope! by Mary Kane

At times, God calls us to wait on Him to act. While we are waiting we are to continue seeking Him. To do the study, Wait, Seek and Hope, just click on the link!