Short and Sweet: Hope, Wait and Pray

Short Bible studies, quick devotions

Short and Sweet Nourishment for the Soul

” … rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer …”

Romans 12:12

I like lists. You may already know that about me. I often start my day with a list of things to accomplish … complete with allotted times. It gives me great satisfaction knowing what to do and when to do it. That’s why I like Bible verses like Romans 12:12. It gives me three things to do, it tells me when to do them AND how to do them.

What to do when you’re hoping – rejoice!

Why can we rejoice in hope? Because we worship the God of Hope – therefore we always have hope. No situation is beyond God’s reach.

Are you sick? He’s the healer. Jehovah Raphe

Are you lost? He’s the God who sees you. El Roi

Are you in need? He’s the God who provides. Jehovah Jireh.

Are you neck deep in sin? He’s the God who washes away sin. Jehovah Tsidkenu.

Biblical hope is different than worldly hope. With worldly hope, you hope something will happen. With biblical hope, you have hope because something will happen. Whatever your need, God sees you and He’s at work. He is your hope. So start rejoicing!

What to do when you’re facing tribulation – be patient!

Since we can rejoice because we always have hope, we can also be patient in tribulation. I usually define the word patient as someone who controls their temper and frustration. In Greek, however, the word patient means to tarry, to wait, to remain behind. To wait for what? For God to act. Instead of trying to work a frustrating painful situation according to your will, wait for God to work it according to His perfect will. Everyone wins.

While we’re hoping and waiting for God to move, He gives us a job …

Continue steadfastly in prayer.

Don’t forget – while you have all this hoping and rejoicing and waiting going on, cover it all continually and steadfastly in prayer.  The KJV of continuing steadfastly in prayer is “continuing instant in prayer.” I love this definition. Every moment is the right moment to continue in prayer.

This instant.

No matter what you are doing.


Action Points

  1. How can you actively rejoice over a current hope you are waiting for?
  2. How can you show God you are waiting for Him to move in a current trial? What can you do to show Him you are waiting for Him and His will? What do you need to stop doing to show Him you are waiting for Him and His will?
  3. Pray! Pray over your hopes, your tribulations, your everything. Pray!

Life is sweet. Hope. Wait. Pray.


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