Simply Study: Luke, Session 1

Are you ready to simply study God’s Word?

Merry Christmas and welcome to Luke, Session 1 of Simply Study! We pray you will be blessed by the time you simply study God’s Word. During this busy last week before Christmas God asks us to trust Him with the impossible. Impossible relationships, impossible challenges, impossible obstacles. All things are possible with God.

Simply Study daily Bible study contains the following simple pieces:

  • Simply read Repeated readings will help you meditate on truths of God’s word.
  • Simply mark Let loose your creative side as you simply mark the daily scripture reading passage.
  • Simply answer Look back in the scripture to answer questions about the text.
  • Simply reflect Consider what God is speaking to your heart and record your thoughts.
  • Simply act Become a doer of the word as you decide how to apply what you have learned.

Note: This Simply Study Bible study will only cover the Christmas chapters of the book of Luke, not the whole book.

Please click on the following link to start your fist day of the Christmas study of  the book of Luke.

Check back tomorrow morning for the next session!

Simply Study, Luke Session 1 


Merry Christmas!

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