Bible Scripturegraphics: Love Him, Love Them

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Jesus replied:

‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart

and with all your soul and with all your mind.’

Matthew 22:37

Priorities are very important.

Children, spouses, work, missions, church, the sick, the lost, the homeless …  all of these are worthy causes, but what should come first? How can we decide? As always God has the answer if we will only open our Bibles and look To learn what our priorities should be, please click on the link below.


Bible Scripturegraphic: Love Him, Love Them



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Scripturegraphic: Christmas Grace

Christmas Grace

Bible Scripturegraphic: Christmas Grace

During the “most wonderful time of the year” the phrases joy to the world and peace on earth are ever on our lips. Joy and peace fill our hearts as we reflect upon Emmanuel God with us. But what about amazing grace? Usually this phrase is reserved for Easter and the grace of the cross. However, there would be no grace of the cross without the grace of the cradle. Jesus humbled Himself and took on flesh to tabernacle among us. From the cradle to the cross, it’s all about grace, Christmas Grace!

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Bible Scripturegraphic: Christmas Grace


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Follow Him this Christmas.


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Scripturegraphics: Colossians by Mary Kane

People have different learning styles; some learn by hearing, some learn by doing, and others learn by seeing. Scripturegraphics Bible Studies help you to see on paper what you are learning from your Bible, enabling you to take the information from the eye, to the brain, to the heart. Study the Scripturegraphic, read the text, and do the study questions. We hope you benefit from this new Bible study format.

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Scripturegraphics: Colossians