Reflections #17: The Potter

short meditations on scripture intersecting life

As the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are you in my hand. Jeremiah 18:6

I have a college friend who has started a second career. She is an artist, more specifically a sculptor, or potter. Recently she posted pictures of some of her work online. I studied her nature sculptures of rabbits, loons, owls, and a cheerful little bird—I think it was a Carolina wren.

Block of unformed clay

Now we don’t live close to each other, so I haven’t seen her at work, but I can imagine her hands sculpting a big lump of clay into exactly the form that she wants it to take. Sharp tools are needed to add intricacies of form and personality. As I zoomed in on the photos I could see all the amazing detail work that gives life to each of her pieces.

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What Do You Think?

Finally, what are your thoughts on the process of being clay in the Potter’s hands? How is God shaping you today? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

My friend’s work

Thanks for listening! May your soul’s meditations be fuel for Spirit-led actions today.






Reflections #10: Forward Progress

Thank you for joining us for Reflections, short meditations on scripture intersecting life

Jeremiah 7:24 NLT

Are you discouraged with your journey with God? Sometimes we need to step back and look at the big picture rather than just where we are at the moment. Assess your progress over one year, 5 years, 10 years for an accurate picture of your spiritual life.

Join me today in Reflections as we talk about forward progress. You can listen here or subscribe to our podcast on iTunes. Leave your thoughts in the comment section and thanks for listening!


Reflections #1: In Quietness and Confidence


Thank you for joining us for Reflections, short meditations on scripture intersecting life.

Show Notes

In today’s Reflections we are thinking about two scriptures: Isaiah 30:15 and Isaiah 32:17. As you listen to the podcast, you’ll catch the similarities between the two right away.

What place do you have for quiet and stillness in your life? That’s the question I felt like God was asking me today, one that I need to answer. That may not be yours.

As in any meditation, listen for what your message is from the Lord. What resonates with your soul? Write it down. Mull it over. Give some time to it. Pray over it. And keep the conversation going with God throughout your day. If you want to, share what was important to you in the comments below.

May your soul’s meditations today be fuel for Spirit-led actions tomorrow.



Bible Study Journal-Graphics by Mary Kane

Do you need a little help organizing your thoughts while you are doing Bible study? Has your Quiet Time become a little predictable?

Try our new Bible Study Journal-graphics page. Jot down your thoughts, record important concepts, and organize scriptural truths no matter what Bible study book you are using.  Do you like to study straight from the pages of scripture?

Bible Study Journal-graphics will add a fresh approach to your study time.

Download your copy of My Bible Study Journal-graphics page from the link below. Print a fresh copy each day for your Quiet Time.  Please feel free to share this graphic organizer with your friends and family. Print several pages and share them at your next Bible study meeting or Sunday school class. Enjoy!


My Bible Study Journal



Let us know how you like using Bible Study Journal-graphics. Please comment in the  Speak Your Mind section below. We look forward to your feedback!

The 12 Days of Thanks Giving: Day 4, God’s Word

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Day 4: God’s Word

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1


God’s word [wurd] noun

1. the Bible.


We would not get very far without God’s Word.

In Genesis 1:3 God speaks creation into being. The whole universe comes together at His words. Sun, moon, stars, seas, plants, animals, people. Everything. Without God’s Word nothing would be here. Fast forward many years to the birth of Jesus. John 1:14 tells us that Jesus not only speaks God’s Word, He is God’s Word. “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.” God sent Jesus to earth to fix the break in the relationship between man and God brought about by sin. God’s Word gives us new life when we accept Jesus as our Savior.

After salvation, God’s Word continues to play a most important role in our lives. Through it God instructs and encourages us. He molds us and disciplines us. He shapes us into His image through our obedience to His Word and the Holy Spirit’s work in each believer. It’s important to grasp the power of His Word. Hebrews 4:12 tells us “For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.”

Pray God’s Word

I am so thankful for scripture and it’s power in my life. If you’ve not yet begun praying it, this is a perfect time to begin.

  1. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you a scripture for your prayer requests.
  2. Begin praying God’s Word over people and into situations.
  3. Memorize scripture. The more verses you know by heart, the more effectively you can pray.

More of God’s Word

If you’d like to explore this theme further, please listen to  How to Pray God’s Word.

Also, you must check out this beautiful Pinterest pin I found highlighting some of God’s Words.



Please leave a comment below in the Speak Your Mind section on what God teaches you today about His Word.


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12 Days of ThanksLiving


Thanksgiving: noun

  1. a public celebration in acknowledgement of divine favor or kindness.
  2. A day set apart for giving thanks to God

Thanksgiving, the forgotten holiday, is sandwiched between two holidays which have become focused on receiving. Giving thanks seems to be a leftover attitude from a bygone era. Is thankfulness no longer an important part of American culture? Have we busied ourselves out of the time required to reflect and give thanks?  Is giving thanks a forgotten art?

A thankful attitude

Thanksgiving is not so much a holiday as an attitude. If there was ever a year in which we needed a new attitude it’s 2020. As we move into the holiday season, lets quit complaining about what we’ve lost and start giving thanks for what we have. Let’s change our holiday noun (Thanksgiving) to a holiday verb:

ThanksLiving: verb

  1. living a life of thanks and gratefulness

What if we only had tomorrow the things for which we gave thanks for today? Please take a moment to reflect on this thought provoking quote. Would we have our homes, running water, indoor plumbing, and our families and churches? With that in mind, let’s make a change for the good. For the next 12 days, before the rush of relatives, parties and presents, let’s take time to reflect and give thanks. We invite you to join us for 12 Days of ThanksLiving.

12 Days of ThanksLiving

Beginning November 13th, 2020, we will post a new devotional each day until Thanksgiving. Each post will contain scripture, a theme and a prayer all focused on helping you live a thankful life. ThanksLiving!

We look forward to cultivating an attitude of thanksliving with you!

What are your thoughts about ThanksLiving? What are you thankful for this year? Please leave a comment below. We’d love to chat with you!

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