Simply Study: Simply Rest

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Simply Study

Short-term Bible studies for busy people.

We are glad you are joining us for a week of Bible study. Down below is your Bible study work for this week. Each day consists of two links—one link is the daily scripture reading. The other link is a short Bible study or devotional reading.

We suggest you follow the  steps below:

  1. Pray for the Holy Spirit to give you insight and wisdom
  2. Read the scripture portion first
  3. Do the Bible study or devotion
  4. Comment on what you learned from your study time.

Finally, to deepen your experience, ask a couple of friends to join you. You can start a small Bible study group at your house or favorite cafe. God will bless you for the time you spend in Hid word.

In Christ,

Jane and Mary


Day 1: Simple Trust

trust and relax

Simple Trust Scripture

 Simple Trust Devotion


Day 2: Simple Sabbath

Flower pot Simple Sabbath Scripture

Simple Sabbath Devotion


Day 3: Simple Peace

blooming, broken places, cracks of life, purpose, Jesus, petunia

Simple Peace Scripture

Simple Peace Devotion



Day 4: Simple Rest

Rest FlowerSimple Rest Scripture

Simple Rest Devotion:




Day 5: Simple Restoration


bookcase Simple Restoration Devotion

Simple Restoration Scripture




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