Faith & Fit: Week 2, Lesson 2 Sans Sugar

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We are so glad you are back for Week 2, Lesson 2 of Faith & Fit: Sans Sugar. Let us encourage you to persevere! Keep studying, and moving. You are laying up treasure in heaven where neither moth or rust can destroy and establishing healthy habits. Don’t give up! Jesus is walking with you every step of the way. Listed below is your Faith & Fit work for today. Please click on the links or the play buttons to access each resource. Remember to leave a comment about your experience in the Speak Your Mind section at the bottom of the page. In Christ, we can grow stronger. Let’s do it!


Everyday Faith Teaching Video:

Everyday Faith Scripture Reading:

To access Everyday Faith Day Week 2, Lesson 2 Bible study, please click the link below!

Week 2, Lesson 2 Bible Study


Everyday Fit Physical Challenge:

Beginner Level: Today make it your goal to walk for 1 mile. Walk at a pace that you are comfortable with and that you are still able to carry on a conversation. As always, check with your doctor before beginning any physical workout to be sure you are up for the challenge! For more information please read the following article on how to begin a walking program: Walking Program.

Do you want an indoor video for today? This one-mile walk with Leslie Sanson will challenge you!

Walk N’ Tone With Leslie Sansone

Experienced Level: Today make it your goal to walk or ride your bike for 45 minutes. Walk or ride at a pace you are comfortable with and that your are able to carry on a conversation. By the end of your walk/ride you should be sweaty and tired but not exhausted. As always, check with your doctor before beginning any physical workout to be sure you are up for the challenge! Let’s join Coach Dan for Day Two of Lower Body Focus!


Rainy Day? Too hot? No worries! click on the link below for a great indoor workout with Leslie Sansone!


Five Fast Miles!



Everyday Fit Food Challenge:

Sans Sugar:

Earlier this week, we started talking about the harmful effects of sugar. We continue that topic with an article by Dr. Sears who explains the damage that excess sugar can cause to children.

Here’s a possible menu that I curated from several sources.

Breakfast : Frittatinis – Try making the night before for breakfast for the fam! (This would also work for lunch or dinner too.) This comes from Sara Wilson’s I Quit Sugar blog.

Lunch: Grilled Parmeson Tomatoes. This is from Dr. Perlmutter’s Grain Brain Cookbook that we featured in our Week 2, Lesson 1 post. See the recommended reading section.

Dinner: Grass-fed Beef Stew in Crockpot. This is also from Dr. Perlmutter’s Grain Brain Cookbook.


W@, L@Extra Faith:

Need a little extra spiritual challenge added to your day? This week we’ve been talking about a gentle, quiet spirit. Today we’ll continue that with a podcast recorded with Lysa TerKeurst (of Proverbs 31 ministry) on Family Life Today with Dennis Rainey called Imperfect Progress.


W@, L@Extra Fit

Need an extra challenge? Get your abs in shape with Team Beachbody Coach and Founder of Team Let’s Go Fitness at Dan Vukmirovich. Dan’s videos are short, effective and productive! Let’s go!

Don’t forget to post below or on our Facebook page any questions, workout information, recipes, prayer requests, and encouragement to others.

Blessings and congratulations on Week 2, Lesson 2!