Postures of Prayer

This month, I’d like to explore trying something new in our prayer lives. Having a schedule and a routine is a good thing, but sometimes trying something new in prayer can open us up to fresh insights and recharge our prayer lives.

Postures of Prayer

I’ve found that changing my physical posture can bring a different atmosphere to prayer. For example, I grew up in a church where we showed reverence to God by kneeling at different times in the service. In the church I now attend, we rarely kneel. But I like both stances. I have also tried other postures.

A stance that I find myself using frequently in my private prayer time is walking. I particularly use this stance when I am praying warfare types of prayers. For example, when I am praying for someone who is straying from God, or maybe for a missionary in a dangerous situation, I just want to get up and move. It seems to give strength to my prayers as I walk around the room. It seems hard for me to sit still when I know there is some serious praying that needs to be done!

So, this week try a different posture and let us know what you think. Pray on!