Parables: The Parable of the Vine

Grapes, apples, cherries, blackberries and peaches. We all love fruit. Like the vines and trees of the field, God calls Christians not only to be fruitful, but to be more fruitful. To do the study, “The Parable of the Vine,” please click on the link.




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Take 5! Hope and Trust by Mary Kane

When the chips are down, in what do you place your trust? Money, friends, brains? God’s Word tells us that if we place our trust in anything But Him we’ll end up looking foolish in the end. To do the study “Hope and Trust,” please click on the link!

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The Blessing of Affliction by Mary Kane

During these troubled times, many people are facing trials and hardships. While this season of life may be difficult and painful, God promises to use it for your good. To do the study The Blessing of Affliction, just click on the link!

Apples and Grapes by Boaz Yiftach