The 12 Days of Easter: Day 6, The Book of Life

Easter 6Day 6: The Book of Life

“He who overcomes shall be clothed in white garments, and I will not blot out his name from the Book of Life; but I will confess his name before My Father and before His angels.

Revelation 3:5

book [boo k]


1. the Book, the Bible.

2. anything that serves for the recording of facts or events

3. a set of rules, conventions, or standard

4. to reserve or make a reservation for

5. to register one’s name

For as long as I can remember, books have been a source of joy to me. When my sisters and I were just preschoolers, our mom would take us to the library and check out a big stack of books. Every afternoon or evening, we crowded around her to hear a new story. As I got older, I couldn’t wait to make my own selections at the library. Once I started receiving an allowance, I saved up my money and then walked downtown to Majerek’s Book Store each week to buy the latest book in my favorite mystery series. To this day I love books; my favorite one is the Bible.

In today’s scripture, we see an important book mentioned: the Book of Life. The Book of Life is kept in heaven, and it is filled with the names of those who trust in Jesus. If you have committed your life to Jesus and have asked him to forgive your sins, then just like definition #4 above says, God “makes a reservation” for you in heaven and writes your name in the Book of Life

Typically, when authors write a book, they write several drafts, adding new information and deleting parts they no longer want. In contrast, scripture tells us that the Author of the Book of Life will never delete any names that are written in it. This is evident by the way the verse is written in Greek. The Greek words for  I will not blot out are a double negative, ou me, that literally mean not not or not never. It is impossible that once a name is written in the Book of Life that it will ever be deleted. It is there forever. You do not need to fear that you will mess up so much that God is going to write you out of His story. It just can’t happen. The enemy will try to convince you otherwise, but do not fall for his deception. Rather, settle your heart on the truth of God’s word.

point to ponder

As we enter into Holy Week, meditate on the security that you have in Christ.

Dear Lord, we thank you that our names our written in permanent ink in the Book of Life. They can not be erased and they won’t fade off the page. We are assured of our righteous standing with You because of Jesus’ sacrifice. We can live without fear, knowing  that we belong to You and You belong to us. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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