Christmas Essential Oil Blend

Lovely miniature nativity made from tree bark and beeswax

Simply thinking of the nativity scene puts me in a Christmas mood.

I love the story of Mary and Joseph traveling to Bethlehem for the census and the arrival of baby Jesus, born in a stable.

As I think about Christmases past and present, my mind wanders to the people, music, baking, lights, and aromas that I have come to associate with Christmas. We all have our own bank of memories that we draw upon, and I especially love the wonderful smells that mean Christmas to me. Smells like pine trees, and cinnamon sticks. Sweet oranges covered in spicy cloves and gingerbread molasses cookies baking in the oven.

The real thing is always the best, but holiday essential oil blends can make our homes smell good any time we want—we don’t have to be baking or have a Christmas tree in the family room to enjoy our favorite aromas.

DIY Aromatherapy Recipe

So when you’d like a little help in making your home ready for the holidays, here’s a Christmas essential oil DIY recipe I developed that captures the scent of the holidays.

Scent of Christmas

Christmas Scents Essential Oils

  • 5 drops Sweet Orange
  • 3 drops Laurel, Bay
  • 2 drops Cinnamon
  • 2 drops Cloves

Mix all the essential oils together in a small glass bottle and adjust it to your preference. I like to use this synergy in my aromatherapy diffuser. Since it’s only 12 drops, I add it all to my diffuser and turn it on. Run it for about 20 minutes and then turn it off for about  90 minutes. You can cycle it on and off like this.

If you’d like to make more of the recipe for future use, just triple it or quadruple it until you have the amount you’d like, store it in a glass vial, and then add about 10 to 12 drops to your diffuser.

Health Information and a Caution

Not only does this smell good, but laurel is an essential oil that is historically known to be (broad spectrum) antibacterial, antiviral, and an expectorant. So diffusing it is an excellent way to use it, especially during the winter cold and flu season. NOTE: Pregnant women should not use this recipe. Use with caution on children under age 5. Laurel is strong, so refer to an aromatherapy dilution chart for the correct rate for your child’s age.  (Follow the link and scroll down until you see the chart under the tab that says Children). Babies under 4 months of age should generally not use aromatherapy unless under the care of a doctor or clinical aromatherapist.

I hope you enjoy this recipe. Let me know if you have a favorite Christmas recipe.

Merry Christmas!