Prayer for Jesse

Update on June 29, 2010

Jesse had his outpatient appointment yesterday at the Riley Clinic, and we received more good news. They took off all the wraps and the burns are healed and the new skin is in! Now he just has to wear elastic wraps to support and protect the new skin. He has also been cleared to leave for Orlando and start school on his original date of July 15. They are setting up an appointment for him in Orlando in about 6 weeks with a burn clinic there. We are all so thankful. Praise God for this wonderful news and for all your prayers for him!

After the clinic visit, we went back up to the burn ward so that he could visit with his nurses who took care of him and give them the good news. That was a happy, emotional time for us. During the treatments there, the treatment that was the hardest was the debriding baths to clean off the burned skin. That was one of the things you all prayed about. During one of these sessions last week,  I was praying for some words of hope to give him to endure them when I looked up at the walls. On the walls were the handprints and names of all the children before him who had been through this same procedure. That day I said to him, “Jesse, look up at the names and the handprints. Look at how tiny some of these little hands are. They survived this, and you can too.” He looked up at them and whispered, “God bless every one of them.”

Jesse revisting the debriding room.

Well, yesterday Jesse added his handprint to the wall. I’ll let these pictures tell the story themselves.

Update on June 23, 2010

JESSE IS HOME!! Jesse had a miraculous turnaround last night, was walking today and was released from the hospital to outpatient care. We are all so happy to have him back. Thanks to all for your prayers. You have all played a major part in his quick healing. He is stunned by all the people around the country/world who were praying for him. I will have him leave an update once he gets a little time to recuperate. Praise God!

Jesse happy to be home with Amber!

Update on June 22, 2010

Jesse’s burns are healing. He is wrapped in a special wrap, which slowly releases silver on his burns. Silver is a natural antibiotic. These wraps can be left on for a week at a time, so he does not have to do the daily painful washes. He is working on walking again. New “skin buds” are forming on his legs and the nerves are all close to the surface, making walking very painful. As soon as he can walk, he will be allowed to go home.

Thanks for all your prayers! Jesse is so grateful to everyone.

Jesse VanOsdol

Jane’s 18-year-old son Jesse was burned in a fire on Wednesday evening. He has second and third degree burns on 15% of his body–both legs below the knees, his left arm and a small spot on his back.

Please pray against any infection, that swelling will go down, that he won’t need skin graft surgery and for strength during daily bandage changes. Right now he is unable to walk do the swelling and pain. Thank you so much!

“We went through fire and through water; But You brought us out to rich fulfillment” (Psalm 66:12).

Jesse VanOsdol