Prayer Across America: Week 4

Hello everyone!

Here we are entering our fourth week of traveling across the country. Mark and I┬ástarted in Bonita Springs, Florida (I’m pulling the travel trailer and he is riding his bike), and right now we are in Huntsville, Alabama. Tomorrow we will be entering the great state of Tennessee, so we are excited to get another state ticked off our list! So far we have travelled 750 miles! As I drive the trailer, I pray each day. I am thankful for those who are praying along with me. Feel free to share this post with anyone who you think might be interested in praying for America.

Prayer Requests for Week 4

  • Pray for Tennessee teen Elizabeth Thomas who was abducted by her teacher and was missing for a month. She has been found and the teacher arrested. It sounds as if her family life was already chaotic before she was kidnapped.
  • Pray for revival in Tennessee and in the U.S. in general.
  • Pray for reconciliation in families.
  • And of course, pray as the Lord leads you, and please post your prayers in the comment section as you feel led.

Faith-Friendly State

Church spire

I would like to add that as we have traveled through Alabama, I have been encouraged by the displays of faith I see in this state. Churches are everywhere! I see scripture posted in public places. It’s not unusual to see many churches in the areas we travel though, their beautiful spires rising above the trees, often three or four of them very close together, like the one in the picture below.

I’ve enjoyed the churches I’ve visited while we’ve been here.┬áHere are some pictures I’ve captured that reflect a bit of the faith culture I’ve witnessed thus far.

Pray on!