Bible Journal-Graphics: Read, Read by Mary Kane

Read read jpgAs a teacher, I know the value of repeated readings. Repeated readings help my students retain facts and increase comprehension of the text. Not only school-age children benefit from repeated readings; adults do as well. When I run into a heady portion of scripture, I read through once, go back, slow down and read again. If I still have trouble comprehending what God is saying to me, I will carefully read the text out loud.

Repeated readings are similar to slow-motion replays in sporting events. When the referees are not sure what happened, they go back, slow down the film, and watch the play-action again. The replay allows the field judges to focus on facts and details until finally the truth is revealed. The same is true of God’s word. One reading will never be enough. Repeated readings will reveal facts, and details missed the first time through.

God has been teaching me to linger over His Holy Word; to read and read again. As I read and read again, God has been uncovering treasures from His Word I would have missed if I had rushed through my Quiet Time. Connections, themes, and truths rise to the surface as I continue to explore His Holy Word. It’s easy. Choose a portion of Scripture, download Read, Read and settle-in at the feet of Jesus.

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Read read jpg

Bible Journal-Graphic:Read, Read

Bible Journal-Graphics: Journal 101 by Mary Kane

Journal 101

By nature, I am an early riser. I love to get up early in the still of the morning, partake of a leisurely breakfast, and relish thUpdate 2e peace and quiet of a house still asleep. The best part of my morning is my Quiet Time.  In my cozy nook, I nestle down with my Bible, a Bible study book and my Bible Journal.


Journaling is something new for me. In the past I have resisted journaling because I didn’t want to focus on how I felt about God’s Word, but on the truth of God’s Word.

Thus the birth of Bible Journal-Graphics. By combining what I know about reading comprehension, the usefulness of graphic organizers, and learning styles, God has led me to develop Bible Journal-graphics. Bible Journal-Graphics haven’t just brought a breath of fresh air to my Quiet Time; they’ve conveyed a whirlwind of new life and refreshment from the Holy Spirit.

Bible Journal-Graphics have caused me to slow down, focus, and listen intently to what God communicates to my heart through His Word. I have discovered meaningful treasures and blessings by using this method of Bible study.

Journal 101 is my mainstay; I use it several days a week to dig in deep to a portion of Scripture.  God is always faithful, and His Word never returns to Him void.  It is my prayer you too will be blessed by Journal 101.

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 Update 2 Bible Journal-Graphic: Journal 101