1 Thessalonians A Life of Faith, Part 10: The Word

DOve JPEG 10 edtBefore the days of email, texting and social media, people wrote letters. As a young girl, I had a few pen-pals; good friends who live far away with whom one corresponds via traditional postal mail. In order to create beautiful letters,  I spent my allowance on beautiful stationary, sealing wax and stamps.

The coming of the mailman was an event. Those who are over the age of 40 understand the thrill of a mailman approaching the house with hands filled with letters — especially love letters. The greatest love letter in the world was written thousands of years ago. The letter contains words of everlasting love, words of severe sacrifice and words of passionate grace and mercy. The author of the greatest love letter, also known as The Word, is God. Many attest God wrote The Word by the blood of Christ.  God has written this letter for the one He loves with all His heart … you.

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A Life of Faith, Part 10: The Word