Short & Sweet: U-turn


“You just passed the road,”

Morgan said as I breezed by our turn. We were driving home from a middle school retreat at Bair Lake on a beautiful September afternoon. The long shadows of late summer played upon the fields and forests. Winding through the peaceful Midwest cornfields, on back country roads, dotted with weathered barns and farmhouses, we chatted about this and that. Until I passed our turn.

I had to make a quick decision. If I kept going, we would go well out of our way, turning our leisurely drive into a frantic haul to make it back to school before the bus load of kids. I decided to make a u-turn.

U-turn: a quick redirect in the opposite direction.

One minute you’re heading east and the next minute you’re heading west. A bad choice rectified with one good decision. A bold move is all it takes to change your course.  I’ve blown past the right turn in my lifetime too. Enjoying life in the fast lane, I’ve  ended up lost. Endless detours. Enormous potholes. Living a wrecked life. The highway to hell—an old super-highway. Yep, I have been on that road.

Thankfully, God allows U-turns.

U-turn yourself around.

U-get back on the straight and narrow.

U-follow-God kind of U-turns.

Funny thing is, every U-turn begins at a Cross-road. U-meet Jesus at the Cross-road and U-turn from living your own way and U-follow Him. U-gotta love Him. One minute you’re on a dead-end road, spinning your tires,  and the next you’re heading to the Promised Land.

Where are you headed?

Are you going the right way? Remember, the road you’re traveling will end somewhere. Make sure you’re headed in the right direction. There’s only one way—His way.

I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father, except through Me.

U-Turn Steps:

  1. U-stop. Take some time to stop and take stock of your life. Is the direction you’re heading in now going to take you where you want to end up?
  2. U-look. Look at your habits. How you  are spending your time, money and resources.
  3. U-listen. Get alone with God and listen to what He has to say about the direction you’re headed.
  4. U-turn. You make decisions based on the truth of God’s word and u-turn from what doesn’t line up with his truth. No matter how inconvenient, no matter how painful, no matter how messy, u-turn right now. Note: God will never call you to do anything against His word. Pray and turn.

What is God calling U to turn from? Leave me a comment in the Comment Section below!

Life is sweet when u-turn and follow Jesus.


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