Reflections #21: The Waiting Game

When it was time for Elizabeth’s baby to be born, she gave birth to a son.” Luke 1:57

Elizabeth and Zacharias had waited a lifetime for their son to be born. In fact, they were both past the childbearing years. Elizabeth thought the Lord had denied her the blessing of being a mother. Yet God had big plans for them–they were just in His timing, not hers.

What Kind of Time?

The New King James refers to the mention of time in this verse as full time with the meaning of “being fulfilled.” God knew that their son John the Baptist would be a special child, the prophet of the Most High (Jesus), so John’s birth had to be at just the right time, at the same time as Jesus’ birth. God’s plans can’t be rushed.

When I compare Elizabeth’s story to our lives, to my own life, I empathize with some of her challenges. After all, it feels like we spend much of life waiting for things to happen …

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