Beeswax Candles, Hand-rolled Honeycomb

Hand rolled beeswax candles will add a spark of warmth to your days and holiday traditions. These beautiful candles will grace the table of all your holiday celebrations including Thanksgiving and Christmas. They’re also perfect for adding cheer to everyday meals too. After dinner, set them on the mantle to continue to let their lovely beeswax scent infuse the room. This is a set of two taper candles and is a part of my Blessings Beeswax Candles line.

Each beeswax candle measures about 8 inches tall by 3/4 inch wide. There may be slight variations in the width due to the nature of hand rolling, but they should all fit in a standard taper candle holder.

Make any day special by enjoying the ambiance of a candle-lit room.

Another idea is to use botanical beeswax candles while you are praying. Sometimes you may be discouraged to keep on praying for a request when you have not seen any progress. I had the idea of lighting a taper candle while I was praying for these requests as a type of “covenant” with God that I would keep praying for them. Blow out the candle at the end of your prayer session. This also serves the purpose of giving you an actual visual reminder to pray. And as the beeswax candles get smaller and smaller, you’ll know that you have prayed for that request for a few hours!

I love this verses: Psalm 141:2 : “May my prayer be set before You like incense; may the lifting up of my hands be like the evening sacrifice.”