Harvesting Echinacea Root
Make sure the echinacea plant is three years old before you harvest the root. Flowers and leaves can be dried throughout the summer.
  1. Dig up the root. Split it into 2 pieces with a knife or garden spade. Replant one of the pieces so that the original plant can continue to grow.
  2. Take the root you are harvesting and wash it off, scrubbing it carefully to remove all the dirt.
  3. Chop the root into small pieces.
  4. Dry the root by placing on a screen, in an oven set at a low temperature (212 F or lower), or in a dehydrator (follow the instructions). Make sure you have good air flow.
  5. Store the dried root in a container.
  6. The flowers and leaves can also be dried in June and July, throughout the time they are blooming. Add a pinch of the dried flowers and leaves to the root when making tea to enhance the color.
Recipe by Only By Prayer at https://onlybyprayer.com/harvest-your-own-echinacea-for-wellness/