Close Bible Study Podcast: Ruth by Mary Kane

Ruth Close

Show Notes:

Close Reading is a method of reading which became popular in the United States during the New Criticism Movement of the 1930’s-1970’s.  Though dating back to the Roman rhetorician Quintilion, Close Reading method is still widely used in school classrooms today. The repeated readings and systematic analysis of the text provided by the Close Reading method, greatly impact the comprehension of the reader.

When this method of study is applied to the Bible, followers of Christ will also experience greater understanding, comprehension, and application of Biblical concepts. While Close Bible Study may look a little time consuming, I cannot understate the benefits of this type of Bible study. As you dig deeper into Scripture, God will bless you as He continually unfolds His Word.  After a couple of concentrated study sessions using Close Reading practices, you will develop your own modified system of Close Bible Study. The  Close Bible Study markings can be used with any book of the Bible, and in conjunction with any other type of Bible study materials.

If my class of fifth graders can prosper from Close Reading, you can too! I pray you will be greatly blessed by  Close Bible Study. Get your markers, highlighters and colored pencils and let’s begin our study time!

To download  Close Bible Study, Ruth please click on the link below.

Jane and I have also recorded a video tutorial  on how to do a close Bible study. We actually walk through a section of scripture with you, so feel free to watch if you’d like more information.

Here are the downloadable pdf instructions: Close Bible Study: Ruth. Be sure you get these to follow along through the podcast or video.

If you prefer to simply listen, click on this mp3: