Scripture Art Journaling with Erin Leigh

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At Only By Prayer, we are excited to have artist Erin Leigh with us today for an interview. We are discussing Scripture Art Journaling and will be covering how you can get started and what supplies you need. Don’t worry — this can be a cheap hobby, and very few art supplies are required to get started.

Lest you think you need to be artistically talented to try this out, let us relieve you of that worry too. Neither Mary nor I have any formal art training, yet we have fallen in love with this form of art that helps us draw closer to Jesus in the process!

Erin’s enthusiastic encouragement and love of art is contagious. We can’t wait to see what you try out. Be sure to snap a few pictures and share them in the comment section below. Mary has also posted a few Scripture Art Journaling lessons on our website, as well, but we encourage you to take Erin’s 31 days of Scripture Art Journaling lessons for free on her website.

Be sure to check out our list of resources at the bottom of this post.


  1. Erin Leigh’s website
  2. Erin’s 31 Days of Scripture Art Journaling
  3. Erin’s Etsy Shop
  4. Erin’s Facebook page, Pinterest page, and find her on Instagram under ArtByErinLeigh

Possible Supplies

Art Supplies for Erin

Thanks for watching and let us know what else you would also like to hear about from Erin in the comments below!

New Year 2015 Make It Count! Podcast Part 1

Before you jump headlong into the New Year, it’s always prudent to take an honest look at the past year. What did you do right over the last 365 days? What changes do you need to make? With some soul searching and prayer, God will give you a plan for what lies ahead. Take a few hours or, if you can spare the time, a mini-retreat to shore up your soul and plan and prepare for the next 12 months.

JaneandMaryJoin Mary Kane and me (Jane VanOsdol) of Only By Prayer as we share some suggested areas of focus for this next year. Our topics touch on spiritual, physical, and personal goals.

Looking forward to the New Year with you!

Click the sideways triangle directly below to listen to the podcast:

Resources from the Podcast

  1. OnlyByPrayer Facebook page
  2. Private prayer request page. Contact us and let us know if you’d like to join this page.
  3. Erin Leigh’s 31 Days of Scripture Art Journaling
  4. How To Pray blog post
  5. How To Pray: Praying God’s Word podcast
  6. I Pray Journal-graphics
  7. One Word podcast
  8. One Word website
  9. Free Faith & Fit Workout
  10. Sit and Be Fit
  11. T-Tapp More Workout (includes a chair workout)
  12. Update: Since this podcast was recorded, Jane has become a certified aromatherapist. You can find her website at JanesAromaScents.com and can order essential oils from her as well.
  13. Shannon Buck’s Organic Olive Oil Hand Salve

How To Pray Podcast: Praying God’s Word

Welcome to our first podcast in the How To Pray series. Today we discuss the topic of how to go about praying God’s word. Jane VanOsdol and Mary Kane discuss several ideas that will help you to develop the powerful habit of incorporating God’s word into your daily prayers. Whether you’ve tried this before or you’re new to the idea, you’ll want to listen in for a few pointers on how to enrich your prayer life.

Thanks for joining us and please be sure to leave any ideas or suggestions you may have on praying God’s word in the comment section below.

Listen here for an older, mp3 version of Praying God’s Word:

Or watch the video below:

2014 Goals Podcast: One Word

Goals List3Listen in as Mary Kane and Jane VanOsdol of OnlyByPrayer.com discuss a simple way to set goals for 2014. The book One Word That Will Change Your Life by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page is transforming their goal-setting plans for 2014. Whether you are a seasoned goal setter or you repeatedly fail at keeping any goals you set, you’ll be inspired to approach this process in a whole new way for 2014.

Resources from the podcast:

Compel Training from Proverbs 31 Ministries

One Word website

One Word That Will Change Your Life, Expanded Edition (book) available as an e-book and in print



The Gifts of the Nativity Podcast

Nativityornament, editedWhat can we learn from those God called to play a part in the birth of Jesus? Mary, the Magi, the shepherds, Joseph, and Jesus all have important gifts to give us as we seek to understand their roles in the story of the Nativity. Join Mary Kane and Jane VanOsdol of OnlyByPrayer.com as they explore The Gifts of the Nativity in today’s podcast. Prepare your hearts for Christmas as you delve more deeply into the birth of Jesus. Be sure to download your free viewer guide. This podcast is available as both an MP3 and in video format.

To listen to the MP3 audio version, click at the top of this post.  To watch in video format, click below.


Voice of the Martyrs Interview with Todd Nettleton

ID-100131433For over 40 years, Voice of the Martyrs has worked tirelessly to help the cause of persecuted Christians around the world. Sunday, November 3, is recognized as IDOP, the International Day of Prayer for the persecuted church. While it is important to pray everyday for those suffering for their faith, VOM is hoping to unite many churches and people to pray in unity.

In this videocast, Jane VanOsdol of OnlyByPrayer.com and Todd Nettleton, director of media development at Voice of the Martyrs (Persecution.com), discuss how VOM’s resources can help you pray for the persecuted church on IDOP as well as all through the year.  This short, 20-minute discussion is available in both video and as an MP3 so that you can download and listen to it at your convenience. Todd outlines several resources that will help you pray effectively and take action on behalf of those who are suffering for their faith.

Prayer and Action Resources:

Here is the videocast of the interview:


Here is the podcast of the IDOP interview:


“Image courtesy of hyena reality / FreeDigitalPhotos.net”.