Good Friday-Following Jesus to the Cross by Mary Kane

“For He was wounded for our transgression, bruised for our iniquities and by His stripes we’re healed.” Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice. Join us for our Good Friday Devotion, Following Jesus to the Cross by clicking on the link.


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Lenten Devotional-Talented and Gifted Program by Mary Kane

Are you a good singer? Do your basketball talents rival Michael Jordan’s? Perhaps you can cook like nobody’s business! God has given all of His children gifts and talents and He is very interested in how we use them! Please click on the link to do our last Lenten Devotional, Talented and Gifted Program.


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Lent Day 40-With All Your Heart by Mary Kane

Quickly think through your top three priorities at this time. Was God on your priority list? God wants to be your first priority…and your second…and your third. Please join us for the Lenten Devotion With All Your Heart by clicking on the link.



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Lent Day 39- The Withered Tree by Mary Kane

Bad habits, bad relationships, bad thought patterns; God calls us to leave them behind so we can walk more closely with Him. Please join us for day 39 of our Lenten devotional,  The Withered Tree by clicking on the link.


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Lent Day 38-The Cleansing of My Temple by Mary Kane

Just as Jesus needed to cleanse the temple before His crucifixion, we need to ask Him to cleanse our temples–our bodies. To do the devotion, The Cleansing of My Temple, please click on the link.



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Lent Review

Our Lenten Devotional series has certainly sped past. It’s hard to believe we are in our final week’s journey to the cross and then to Easter Sunday. To start off this week, let’s spend some time reviewing the past five weeks of study. Thanks so much for joining us, and be sure you make some time to spend with our Lord this week as we journey through Holy Week. Just click below to read our review.

Lent Review

May God bless you this week!