5 Days to Fast and Pray

So we fasted and earnestly prayed that our God would take care of us, and he heard our prayer.

Ezra 8:23

Prayer and fasting. Powerful stuff. Together they are spiritual dynamite ignited by power of the Spirit. Prayer and fasting are game-changing disciplines for  desperate times.

Can anyone deny times are desperate? Everyday the news reports escalating chaos and violence—brother against brother, religion against religion, and nation against nation. God has called to be His hands, His feet, and His voice to a lost and wounded world.He has anointed us to speak the hope of the Gospel to every tribe, tongue and nation.

Will you answer? Join us August 1-5, for a week of prayer and fasting. Let’s pray for our people, our leaders, and our world to wake up, repent and follow God.

You will need a Facebook account to participate. It’s always free! Follow the link to sign up and get a Facebook account if you don’t have one yet: www.facebook.com


Action Steps:

  1. Click on the link below and sign up for 5 Days to Fast and Pray.
  2. After you sign up, check your email and accept the invitation to join our 5 Days to Fast and Pray Facebook Group.
  3. Decide how you will fast (see below for more info on fasting).
  4. Join us each night at 8:30 Eastern Time to pray via Facebook.
  5. Invite your friends to join us.

A Word About Fasting

There are many types of fasts. We are trusting that you can determine which type of fast is best for you. Some of you may want to fast from desserts for the week. Some of you may undertake a social media fast. Some may fast from one meal a day. The Holy Spirit will show you if you pray about it. The idea is to replace whatever it it you’re fasting from with a prayer time. The fast gives you a greater focus on God and His agenda, rather than our own.

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Lent Day 17, Yom Kippur Fast

Welcome to Day 17 of our Lenten devotional! The time is already flying by. I trust these devotionals have been encouraging you in your preparation for Easter. We’re nearing the end of our week’s study on fasting, and today we take a look at the Yom Kippur fast. Join us by clicking on the link below.

Lent Day 17, Yom Kippur Fast

Lent Day 16, Humble Yourself

Welcome to Lent Day 17 devotional! Today we are going to look at Jonah and the city of Nineveh and their fascinating experience with fasting. What can we learn from this story to apply to our own lives? Just click on the link below to see.

Lent Day 16 Humble Yourself

Thanks for joining us today!


Jonah and the Whale
Jan Brueghel the Elder, 1887 freechristimages.org/

Lent Day 15, Satisfy My Soul

Welcome to Day 16 of our Lent devotional. If fasting has always seemed too hard to you, realize that God will bless our efforts as we start with baby steps. Just click on the link below to join us for today’s reading.

Lent Day 15, Satisfy My Soul

Image: nuchylee / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Lenten Devotional Day 13, For Such a Time as This by Mary Kane

During this Lenten season, like Esther and the Jewish people, let’s once again unite as the people of God and fast for the healing and salvation of our nation.  To do the devotional “For Such a Time as This” please click on the link.

Image: creativedoxfoto / FreeDigitalPhotos.net