7 Days of Freedom, Day 5: Stand Firm

Flag 3 pngFor freedom Christ has set us free;

stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.

Galatians 5:1

firm [furm]


  1. not soft or yielding when pressed; comparatively solid, hard, stiff, or rigid
  2. securely fixed in place
  3. indicating firmness or determination

What is the first directive God give in Galatians 5:1? He asks us to stand firm.  Notice God does not ask us to fight, run, or sprint, but to stand firm. In the Greek, stand firm transliterates as steko, which means, to be firm, to persist, to persevere, to be stationary. Thayer’s Lexicon gives us the prescription of how to stand firm: to persevere in godliness and fellowship with the Lord. When we  face temptation, despite our feelings, we need to continuously obey God’s Word and consistently meet with Him. In short, follow and fellowship. Stand firm.

When we trace steko back to its root, it also means “to have a steadfast mind.”

After we have been freed from sin by Christ, under what conditions can we be subjected again to slavery? If we move … if we do not stand firm.

Why has Christ set us free? So we can be free … free to love  Him, free to serve  Him,  free to take His message to the lost of the world.

Over the holiday weekend please take time to pray for our nation’s citizens and leaders, that we will stand firm in the Biblical truths that shaped and formed our great nation.

Action Points

  1. In order to pray and act efficiently, we must be informed. Please click on the following link to read about current hot-topic issues in the United States. Citizen Link
  2. Is there an area of your life you need to firm-up? What steps do you need to take to stand firm?
  3. How can you help your family stand firm?

Please enjoy the music below.

God Bless America.


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