The 12 Days of Easter, Day 7: Word of Life

Easter 6

Day 7: Word of Life

“Holding fast the word of life, so that I may rejoice in the day of Christ that I have not run in vain or labored in vain.” Philippians 2:16

May the book of your life be written in His words. May His words be your words.

word [wurd]


1. news; tidings; information

2. an authoritative utterance, or command

3. Also called the Word, the Word of God.

  1. the Scriptures; the Bible.
  2. the Logos.
  3. the message of the gospel of Christ

The word of life is the key to living a life of purpose and fulfillment. What will bring great joy to your life this Easter season? Holding fast the word of life. There is no everlasting joy apart from God and His holy word.

In the original Greek, holding fast means the following: to have, to apply, to stop, to present. Let’s apply each of these definitions of holding fast to our spiritual life.

To have: One definition of to have is to hold in the hand, as in the sense of wearing. How can you wear the word of life? By putting on the armor of God; the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the helmet of salvation etc. Don’t forget your robe of righteousness. To have also refers to possession of the mind. We will experience great joy as we use God’s word of life to control our thoughts, and fight our battles against sin, Satan, and our own flesh.

To apply: God’s word is an authoritative utterance that I must apply to my life. Just as it is not enough to simply believe in God (even the demons do, and tremble), it is not enough to simply read the word of life —  I must obey and apply it to my life, and heart. I do this through prayer, meditation, and memorization. Like ointment to a wound, I must liberally slather the word of life on the broken places of my soul. May His word become my words.

To stop: The word of life enables me to stop … stop whining, stop sinning, stop worrying, stop complaining. By speaking the word of life, I can stop speaking death into my relationships, dreams, goals and challenges. In Deuteronomy Gods presents His people with a choice. “I lay before you this day … blessing or curses, life or death. Choose life that you may live.” It sounds so simple. Must God have to persuade us to choose life? Yet how often do I catch myself speaking words of death instead of words of life? During Easter, the season of life, let’s purposefully choose to stop speaking death and instead speak the word of life so we may rejoice in God’s goodness.

 To present: Holding fast the word of life does not mean we keep it to ourselves. As Christians we have been entrusted with the word of life, the gospel. We hold tightly to the word of life  in one hand as we present it with the other to the lost of the world. What better time to present the word of life then during the Easter season.

point to ponder

Into what area of your life does God want you to speak the word of life?


Dear Father,

Please help me to commit myself to wearing your Word. Each morning before I dress my physical body, may I remember to dress my spirit by studying your Word. I dress myself in your Word for a reason — so I may apply it. Applying your word to my life, relationships, and problems ensures they will work for my good and Your glory. Help me choose to speak life into my life. Words of death are for Good Friday, not Easter Sunday. As I speak the word of life into my cares and concerns, may I also speak it to others who are in great need of salvation.

In Jesus Holy Name,


Your Words, Your Life by Joyce Meyer

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